Sabbath Zwiercan

David Bowie does not poop.

Most people are fortunate enough to never have to experience what it feels like to have your own mind become your worst enemy and biggest fear, like most things in life it can happen gradually, or in the blink of an eye. Messages in your phone begin to pile up because you’re unable to find a way to respond to them, much like sitting in a room full of people who care about you and having no way to contribute because you feel completely alone in your head. You witness everything lose its meaning which is torture to know that their are reasons to be happy and that you shouldn’t feel the way you do, but you just cant for the life of you shake it and it gradually builds up and holds you down stronger than the force of gravity keeping everyone to the face of the earth . Oversized sweaters in mid summer become your cave because much like the heat, reality becomes unbearable. But some people aren’t fortunate enough walk through life without such experiences, it’s unfair to put it lightly. Its fucked up to have no say or power or let alone the slightest understanding to what’s happening to you, or why your mind feels like it’s destroying itself and taking you and everyone who loves you down with it. 

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